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When you need a piano, we can help. With our many years of experience teaching piano, fixing pianos, and selling pianos, we can help you find the right piano for your situation. .

Worldwide Piano is the only piano store in the area that is owned and operated by a concert pianist and music educator. Therefore, our knowledge is first hand when dealing with the varying array of pianos available in the piano market today. We only stock the best quality pianos available at the absolute lowest prices anywhere. Our experience has shown us that many times there is a smaller piano company making a better piano at a lower price than some of the more advertised piano brands. We are looking for a value, just as you are. Our showroom has over 15 brands of New and Used pianos to choose from including, Charles R. Walter, Steinway, Hallet Davis & Co, Schulze Pollmann, ,Weber Young Chang, Samick, Knabe, Kohler and Campbell, Hobart M. Cable, Taylor, Kawai, Yamaha, Yamaha Digital Pianos, J. Strauss & Son, Baldwin, Petrof and more....

With used pianos starting at under $1000 to hand made semi concert grands in the tens of thousands of dollars, we have a piano for everyones budget and skill level. Our piano technicians and pianisits are here to help you find the right piano to fit your needs. In many cases we will be seeing you every week for your piano lessons. We have a music school located on premises and many of our 200 plus students bought pianos from us. At Worldwide Piano, we understand that we are creating a relationship, that in many cases lasts for years and years as we watch our students grow up and go of to college, sometimes for a Piano degree! If you are looking for honest advice on finding a quality piano for your families needs, stop by Worldwide Piano, or give us a call at 732-777-7381 and we will be glad to help you out.

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